The Platform aims to foster research in three areas of international energy governance:

  • Fragmented governance

The Platform explores the extent to which different branches of international law regulate energy activities. It draws on the leading expertise of the Platform members in the field of international economic law; international environmental law; human rights law and maritime delimitation to understand how the existing international legal landscape responds to the emergence of new energy sources and technologies and to changes in the design of energy policies.

  • Bilateral governance

The Platform seeks to shed light on existing trends of bilateral governance in the field of energy. It looks at instruments of different normative strength (eg. bilateral treaties, joint declarations of intention and contractual arrangements) in relation to different energy sources (eg. oil, gas, nuclear and renewables) to highlight the contribution of bilateral cooperation in fostering the energy transition. For an example of the research undertaken in this area, read more about Dr Tibisay Morgandi’s work. 

  • Centralised governance

The Platform investigates different attempts at creating centralised energy governance – either on a regional or global scale. It concentrates on different attempts made to: i) identify international customary rules applicable to energy activities; ii) create multilateral treaties providing a comprehensive approach to energy; and iii) institutionalise co-operation in the field of energy.