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As a result of the expansive state of the energy law universe, the increasing number of researchers and universities engaging in energy law research and the many new and interdisciplinary forms of cooperation and conferences in the field of energy, it is increasingly difficult to maintain track of both events and what research is being carried out, where and by whom. Therefore, Platform Fellow Jaap Waverijn and his colleagues Gijs Kreeft and Ceciel Nieuwenhout, believed that the moment arrived to bring the fragmented energy law community closer together and initiated ENERLEX, a mailing list, which allows researchers to share, among others, upcoming events, calls for papers, scholarship opportunities and research output.


While Jaap, Gijs and Ceciel work at the Groningen Centre of Energy Law, the ENERLEX mailing list is not affiliated with any institution or organization. The goal is to provide an independent and low threshold platform through which the academic energy law community can communicate and the aim is to include all researchers active in the field. We hope that this mailing list will contribute to an ‘ever closer community’.


You can subscribe to the mailing list by completing the form here.

You are invited to send the information you wish to share to community (at) and you can find us on LinkedIn. Once or twice a month, an email will be sent out to all subscribers with the collected content.