Database on State Bilateral Energy Agreements

On November 2017, Dr Tibisay Morgandi, Fellow of the Platform,  published an original collection of State bilateral agreements regulating State activities in the field of energy. The database (available at contains over 600 bilateral agreements from the 1940s to the present day, and is updated on a regular basis. This database is part of a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Philomathia Foundation and the University of Cambridge.

The database has several purposes:

  • To raise awareness of the existence of these agreements
  • To provide access to the text of the agreements (downloadable in pdf format)
  • To systematise the agreements, by key-word searches, according to the followings fields:
    • Energy resource and/or activity covered (eg transportation of hydrocarbons by pipeline)
    • Model of bilateral State cooperation involved (determined by factors such as the share of costs and benefits and the legal nature of the supervising organs)
    • Title, parties and date of conclusion of agreement
  • To show this information by means of interactive maps 

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This database should be cited as T Morgandi, ‘Bilateral State Practice Concerning Energy Activities in International Law’, (November 2017)

For a further description of the database see T Morgandi, ‘Database on State Bilateral Energy Agreements’ (C-EENRG Working Paper, forthcoming December 2017)

Contact: Dr Tibisay Morgandi, C-EENRG, University of Cambridge (