Cambridge University Press Book Series

Cambridge University Press Book Series: Studies on Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance

The Series publishes foundational monographs of general interest to academic and practitioners within the broadly-defined field of sustainable development policy, including studies on law, economics, politics, history and policy.

The Series welcomes contributions from a wide range of disciplines (e.g. law, economics, politics, history, geography, anthropology, and others) and interdisciplinary approaches (e.g. policy modelling, sustainability transitions, energy studies). The broad ambit of the Series encompasses questions relating to the ‘governance’ of environmental problems, the energy transition and natural resources. Governance is understood broadly as including not only ‘government’ (State or public policies) but also other forms of organising behaviour, including self-regulation, transnational networks, spontaneous (needs-driven) behaviour and more generally the many levers of action. The object of such governance would be addressing environmental problems of a general nature, as well as the related societal transformations, such as the climatedriven transition to a low-carbon energy matrix or the water/population-driven transformation of food security systems. In addition, questions of resource allocation and conflict over resources will also be covered.

In order to help the general editor of the series, Professor Jorge E. Viñuales, to identify and elicit high calibre works in different disciplines, an Advisory Board has been formed, which includes several distinguished academics such as Professors Liliana Andonova (Politics, Graduate Institute – Geneva), Eyal Benvenisti (Law, Cambridge), Dipesh Chakrabarty (History, Chicago), Robert Costanza (Economics, Australian National University), Arnulf Grubler (Technology studies, Yale), Calestous Juma (International Development, Harvard), Andreas Kontoleon (Economics, Cambridge), Tim Swanson (Economics, Graduate Institute – Geneva) and Paul Wright (Engineering, Berkeley), among others.

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