New Publication

Jaap Waverijn has co-authored an open access article with Cees Verburg, titled ‘Liberalizing the Global Supply Chain of Renewable Energy Technology: The Role of International Investment Law in Facilitating Flows of Foreign Direct Investment and Trade’. The article is currently available in advance publication and will be published in a special issue of Brill Open Law, titled ‘International Law for the Sustainable Development Goals’.


Providing affordable and clean energy, as required by SDG 7, will require significant investments for decades to come. As it is expected that a majority of these investments will have to come from the private sector it is important that states provide for legal frameworks that facilitate investments, both on the national and the international level. This contribution analyzes to what extent international law, and in particular international investment law, can play a role in unlocking private capital. In doing so, a micro-economic approach to investment decisions is adopted which emphasizes that trade and investment in the renewable energy sector often go hand in hand and that a comprehensive international legal framework should reflect this. By reference to common existing trade and investment barriers that adversely affect the economic efficiency of investments and increase perceived risks, this contribution demonstrates that there still is neglected potential for international law.

The publication is available here: