Lys Kulamadayil

Email address: Lys.Kulamadayil (at)


Lys Kulamadayil is an international lawyer. She holds an LL.B. jointly awarded by the Universities of Bremen, Oldenburg and Groningen, an LL.M. from the London School of Economics and has just submitted her doctoral thesis at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies.

She worked in various institutions dedicated to the governance of energy and natural resources, including in the division for EU Affairs and bilateral Cooperation “Environment and Energy” at the German Ministry of the Environment and at the Carter Center for Democracy’s Program on Mining Reform in Lubumbashi. She holds a research grant by the Swiss National Science Foundation for a project entitled “Depleted Fortunes – International Law-Making in a World of Exhaustible Natural Resources”. On this grant, she will join the C-EENRG at Cambridge University as post-doctoral fellow.

Research interests:

Lys is primarily interested in international law’s role in the governance of non-renewable energy resources such as oil, natural gas and coal.  Her doctoral research entitled “International Law and the Resource Curse” explores how international law has shaped development trajectories in post-colonial resource wealthy countries.

Publications relevant to international energy law:

Kulamadayil, Lys. “When International Law Distracts: Reconsidering Anti-Corruption Law “. ESIL Reflections 7, no. 3 (2018).

Kulamadayil, Lys. “Taking Stock of International Law Responses to Resource Wars.” Cies Research Brief No. 2  (2018).

Teaching in the field of energy law:

Lys is an invited speaker at the Graduate Institute Summer Programme on International Affairs where she teaches a class introducing varies existing policy-responses to adverse impacts of oil and mining operations in Third World countries.

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