University of Dundee

The Centre for Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee promotes a distinctive research-oriented culture among its academic staff and senior graduate students who undertake research in natural resources and energy law and policy, combining economics, financial, legal and policy issues. In recent years, the focus of this research has shifted to the problems associated with a long term transition to a low carbon economy and potential conflicts between the current carbon dependence of society and sustainability. The broad aim of our research is to achieve originality, excellence and to stimulate informed debate Current large scale international research projects are in cooperation with the World Bank, the European Commission and the UK Research Councils.

The University of Dundee/CEPMLP received a US$1 million grant in 2010 for creation of an internet-based database – the Extractive Industries Source Book – that draws together and analyses ‘good practice’ in key activities in the international oil, gas and mining industries, and a multimillion£ DfID funded project to establish the Extractives Resource Hub –which consists of an open-access library, new content on policy, law, fiscal, licencing, governance, technical, industry, gender, labour and environmental related issues and Help Desk facility for tailor-made technical assistance/advisory service for only selected 12 DfID target countries Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Burma, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan. The project will be launched in Indaba in Feburary 2017.

The CEPMLP, in partner with the Africa Centre for Energy Policy and the Open University, also received a DFID-ESRC Research Grant: Chinese national oil companies and the economic development of African oil producers, which looks at the economic drivers behind Chinese NOCs investments in Africa and the effects of their investments.

In addition, the CEPMLP is part of a three-year EUR 1.9M project funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, the CrowdFundRES, that is run by a consortium of 15 organisations from 8 different countries. The project seeks to contribute to the acceleration of renewable energy growth in Europe by unleashing the potential of crowdfunding for financing renewable energy projects.

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