Ginevra Le Moli

Assistant Professor of Public International Law, Leiden University

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Ginevra Le Moli is Assistant Professor of Public International Law at the Institute of Public Law and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University.

Ginevra Le Moli obtained her doctoral degree (summa cum laude) at the Graduate Institute of International Law and Development Studies (IHEID) She holds an LL.B. and a Masters in Law cum laude from the University of Roma Tre, an LL.M degree in International Law from the Graduate Institute (cum laude) and a Diploma in International Law from the LSE (UK).

She was previously a Visiting Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law, Cambridge (01-09/2019), a Legal Consultant with the UN OHCHR (2015-2018), and a Teaching Assistant for the LLM Programme in International Law of the IHEID, Geneva (2015-2019). Between 2016 and 2018, she took part in UN investigation teams for Syria and Yemen, with several field missions in Damascus, Idlib, Aleppo, Homs (Syria) and Sanaʽa and Taiz (Yemen). Previously, she was a Legal Adviser for NGOs (2013-2014) and a Junior Associate in the Litigation and Arbitration Department of the law firm Bonelli Erede, in Rome (2011-2012).

Research interests

Her publications and research interests are in a broad area of international law that can be characterized as the protection of vulnerable persons, including human rights, humanitarian law, criminal law, migration law, and environmental law as well as the law of international organizations. Her main current research project is a historical and legal investigation of human dignity as a normative value, the intellectual sources that drove and shaped its legal recognition, and the main legal instruments used to express it in international law.


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Le Moli, G., Vishvanathan, P. and Aeri, A. ‘Whither the Proof? The Progressive Reversal of the Burden of Proof in Environmental Cases before International Courts and Tribunals’ (2017) 8 Journal of International Dispute Settlement 644-672.

Consulting work leading to reports

The Nexus between Global Environmental Change and Human Security. Technical Brief (2019) (Commissioned by UN Environment)

Technical and Scientific Support in relation to the implementation of Regulation 1143/2014. Analysis of 17 Member States’ provisions on penalties for Regulation 1143/2014 (2019) (Commissioned IUCN/European Commission)

The Application of Environmental Law to Nuclear Weapons Production, Deployment and Use (London: Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), 2018) (Commissioned by Chatham House under mandate from the Government of Ireland)

Expert Panel Legal Fact Sheet, Amnesties and International Humanitarian Law: Purpose and Scope (ICRC, Geneva, 4 October 2017) (input at the request of ICRC)

Teaching in the field of energy law

In the LLM in International law of the Graduate Institute, Ginevra teaches tutorials for the specialized stream on ‘Protection of Vulnerable Groups’, covering main issues of public international law and, more precisely, of human rights law and environmental law. She also teaches two courses in the Summer School in International law of the University of Geneva, also covering issues related to the interaction between the protection of human rights and energy activities.

For Ginevra’s full biography, see here.