Sofya Matteotti

Legal Counsel, Swissgrid; LLM Candidate, UC Berkeley Law

Email address: sofya.matteotti (at)


Sofya Matteotti is a dual citizen of Switzerland and Russia, who has developed extensive academic and practical experience in the fields of international and European energy and trade law in Russia and Switzerland. In her capacity as a Legal Counsel with Swissgrid (Swiss Transmission System Operator) she has been responsible for providing legal advice on implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 (RES support schemes and electricity labelling). She is currently a 2017/2018 LLM Candidate at UC Berkeley Law. From 2007 to 2014 she was a research fellow at the World Trade Institute, University of Bern, Switzerland (interdisciplinary projects on Energy in WTO Law and Policy and on Trade and Climate Change). She has been pursuing the PhD research on the analysis of oil supply management practices of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) under the WTO rules. She has extensively published and presented on trade and climate change, energy law, and trade law and policy.

Research interests

Sofya’s research interests include the status of energy sources under the international trade and investment regimes, concept of state sovereignty over natural resources, energy security, common concern of humankind, climate change mitigation.

Selected publications

The Role of the Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard: Regulatory Coherence for Trade and Investment in Renewable Energy in T. Cottier and I. Espa (eds.), International Trade in Sustainable Electricity: Regulatory Challenges in International Economic Law (forthcoming Cambridge University Press, 2017;with T. Payosova).

New International Trade and Investment Disciplines for the Energy Sector, statement paper for the conference of the Society of International Economic Law, Bern, July 2014. (with T. Payosova).

Implementation and Monitoring of Process and Production Methods in S. Frankel and M. Kolsky Lewis (eds.) “Trade Agreements at the Crossroads” Routledge, 2013 at 167-187 (with O. Nartova).

Climate Change: Implications for the (Re) Insurance Industry in New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law, 2012, 10, at 107-122 (with O. Nartova).

Impact of the Russia’s Accession to the WTO on the Energy Sector,  Bridges, ICTSD, Issue 3, August 2012, at 18-20 (in Russian, with O. Nartova).

Third Country Relations in EU Unbundling of Natural Gas Markets: The “Gazprom Clause” of Directive 2009/73 EC and WTO Law in S. Hirsbrunner, D. Buschle, C. Kaddous (eds.) “European Energy Law / Droit européen de l’énergie”, Helbing Lichtenhahn (Basel), Bruylant (Brussels) and L.G.D.J. (Paris), 2011, at 263-284. (with T. Cottier and O. Nartova)

Energy in WTO Law and Policy  in T. Cottier and P. Delimatsis (eds) “Prospects for International Trade Regulation: from Fragmentation to Coherence”, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2011, at 211-244. (in coathorship)

Climate Change and International Law: Exploring the Linkages Between Human Rights, Environment, Trade and Investment,  in German Yearbook of International Law, Vol. 53, 2010, at 139-188, (in coathorship).

New requirements for the foreign operators on the European gas market: the WTO Perspective, Bridges, ICTSD, Issue 1, March 2010, at 11-12 (in Russian, with O. Nartova)

Winter fight for gas: reasons and consequences (Winterkrieg im Gasgeschäft: Ursachen und Auswirkungen), UniPress Nr. 140, 2009, at 40 (in German,(with T. Cottier and O. Nartova);

International Environmental Law and the Evolving Concept of Common Concern of Mankind  in T. Cottier et al (eds), International Trade Regulation and the Mitigation of Climate Change, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2009, at 21-47, (with T. Cottier).


Teaching in the field of energy law

Distance Learning Course, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, UNITAR/WTI, Geneva/Bern, Switzerland:

Content design and implementation of the Module on ”International Trade and Energy”

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