Karolis Gudas

External Research Fellow, World Trade Institute

Email address: karolis.gudas (at) le.lt


Karolis has substantive practical and academic experience in energy law: from development of investment schemes to market reforms and implementation of energy infrastructure projects. He began his career at the European Commission, Institute for Energy, and continued as a legal counsel in the Baltic States on behalf of the largest international oil and gas companies. In 2014, Karolis joined the Swiss National Center of Competence in Trade Regulation and the World Trade Institute, where he focused on electricity networks and markets regulation. He further continued his research as a visiting scholar at the Cambridge Centre for Energy, Environment and Natural Resource Government at the University of Cambridge. At present, Karolis acts as the head of legal division for the development of a large-scale combined heat and power plant in Vilnius, and as an external research fellow at the World Trade Institute. He has been appointed as the expert of the Legal Task Force of the Energy Charter Secretariat.

Research interests

Karolis research interests lie in the fields of energy transitions, cross-border energy trade, infrastructure projects development, energy systems government and markets regulation. He mainly focuses on the legal regimes of the World Trade Organization, the Energy Charter Treaty as well as the European Union. Karolis explores the topics from different disciplinary perspectives (history, law, politics, development, and technology). The seminar series explores energy policy themes from different disciplinary perspectives – economics, history, philosophy, theology, politics, law, anthropology, psychology, engineering – with the aim of identifying principles and processes for ‘good’ energy policy making.

Selected publications

‘The External Dimension of Cross-Border Electricity Transmission Planning in the EU’, in Raphael Heffron, Gavin Little Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US (Edinburgh University Press, 2016)

‘Preferential Connection and Integration of Electricity Generators using Renewable Energy Sources’, in Thomas Cottier, Ilaria Espa International Trade in Sustainable Electricity: Regulatory Challenges in International Economic Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

‘Cross-Border Electricity Infrastructure and Efficient Use of Resources’ (World Resources Forum, 2016)

‘Right to Electricity’ in Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer, Thomas Cottier, Encyclopedia of International Economic Law (Edward Elgar, 2016)