Gokce Mete

Gokce Mete, Research Fellow, the Extractives Resource Hub, the Centre for Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy at the University of Dundee

Email address: g.mete (at) dundee.ac.uk


Gokce has eight-year-long practical and academic experience in the field of oil and gas law, energy law, public international law, natural resources law and dispute resolution.

She is currently a Research Fellow at the Extractives Resource Hub at the CEPMLP since March 2016. This is a multi-£m, UK funded project, jointly led by the CEPLMP and Adam Smith International based in London. It aims to support natural resources-rich developing nations from Africa and Asia to make informed decisions regarding minerals (mining and petroleum) sector development.

She is due to complete her PhD in 2017 as Association of International Petroleum Negotiators Scholar at the CEPMLP, University of Dundee. She also held a visiting doctoral researcher post at the Energy and Natural Resources Law Institute of Queen Mary University of London in 2016. Her research examines EU internal gas market legislation, assessing its potential to attract investment into the energy infrastructure.

Gokce is selected as a Future Energy Leader (FEL100) by the World Energy Council. She is also Section Editor of the Encyclopaedia of Mineral and Energy Policy, Springer.

Research interests

In her research, she examines the EU energy acquis, including the Network Codes against their potential to attract investment in energy infrastructure. Since 2010, she has been closely following economic, legislative and regulatory developments in international energy markets and published several high-ranking articles on legal issues related, inter alia, to energy transit, cross-border pipelines, state-aid and renewable energy.

As a Research Fellow at the Energy Charter Secretariat between February 2015 and January 2016, she carried out research and prepared monitoring reports on regulation of transport and transit of gas, electricity and crude oil and products within the Constituency.

In her role as a Research Fellow in the Extractives Resource Hub, she drafts analysis documents in the area of petroleum legislation, policy, licencing and disputes, contract compliance, NOCs, petroleum institutions, industry overview, international organizations as well as investment promotion in the mining and petroleum sector. She also commission external experts to develop new content for the Hub in areas such as, reserves and resources, local content, managing commodity cycles and community development.

As a Future Energy Leader, with a team of six, she run the “energy access” task force, presented and submitted an extensive report in the 2016 World Energy Congress in Istanbul.

Selected publications

“TurkStream pipeline project: facts and myths”, Gokce Mete and Sergei Vinogradov, Kings College Working Paper Series, Slawomir Raszewski and Adnan Vatansever (eds) (forcoming January 2017)

“Brexit and its implication on intra-EU investment and trade”, Working Paper for the UEF Conference (forthcoming February 2017) (with Anna Marhold)

“Construction of a regional energy market within a multilateral regulatory framework”,  in I. Mersinia and S-L. Penttinen (eds), Energy Transitions: Regulatory and Policy Trends (Intersentia, forthcoming in summer 2016) (with Ernesto Bonafé)

“Turkey: Energy Policy” in Günter Tiess, Tapan Majumder, Peter Cameron (eds), Encyclopaedia of Mineral and Energy Policy (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Living Reference Work, Continuously updated edition)

“Escalated Tensions between the EU and ECT legal frameworks”, (2016) 9 (3) Journal of World Energy and Business (with Ernesto Bonafé)

“The EU Network Codes and Prospects of New Cross-Border Natural Gas Pipeline Projects” Raphael J Heffron and Gavin Little (eds), Delivering Energy Law and Policy in the EU and the US: A Reader (Edinburgh University Press 2016)

“Turkey Country Report: Renewable Energy Law and Policy in Turkey”, 2015 (4) Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review (with Raphael J Heffron)

“Analysis of the term “transit” in cross-border energy transport: a comparative study of regulatory frameworks in the Eurasian context” (2014) 2 OGEL – Energy Community Special Issue

“Cross-Border Oil and Gas Pipelines in International Law”, 2013 German Yearbook of International Law (Focus Article) 2013, 65-107 (with Sergei Vinogradov)

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