Anna Butenko

Researcher in energy law & economics at Amsterdam Centre for Energy of the University of Amsterdam

Email address: a.s.butenko (at)


Anna Butenko is currently carrying out her doctoral research in energy law & economics at Amsterdam Centre for Energy of the University of Amsterdam, and at Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) of Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on regulatory responses to innovation in the energy sector, and namely on legal framework for local energy (electricity and gas) in the Netherlands.

Anna holds a Master’s degree in Law from the Universities of Tilburg (Netherlands) and Leuven (Belgium), and a Master’s degree in European Studies from the Universities of Groningen (Netherlands) and Uppsala (Sweden). Anna Butenko has developed her energy markets and regulations’ expertise working for the leading Dutch energy consultancy, DNV KEMA (currently DNV GL Oil & Gas), as gas markets, policy and strategy consultant for four years. Prior to joining DNV KEMA Anna worked for Gasunie, the mother-company of the Dutch gas transmission system operator, as policy and regulation analyst.

Anna is also a member of the International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE), as well as of the Dutch Energy Law Association (De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Energierecht, NeVER). Anna is fluent in English, Dutch, Russian and Romanian.

Research interests

Anna is interested in the complex relationship between innovation and technology on the one hand, and regulation on the other hand. More specifically, Anna is focusing on the regulatory responses to innovation in the European energy sector, which is taking shape in the context of energy transition, digitalization and decentralization. Such innovations could include prosumer- generated local energy, peer-to-peer energy trading platforms, new formats of financial transactions in the energy markets (e.g. Bitcoin), small-scale LNG, electric mobility, etc. Anna is also interested in the effect that innovation and regulation have on the roles of traditional energy market parties, such as energy regulators, consumers, and transmission and distribution system operators, as well as the emergence of new market players, such as aggregators and energy service companies.

Selected publications

Sharing Energy: Dealing with Regulatory Disconnection in Dutch Energy Law (2016). European Journal of Risk Regulation 4, pp. 701-716.

Regulation for Innovativeness or Regulation of Innovation? (2015)- Law, Innovation and Technology 7:1, pp. 52-82 (with P. Larouche).

What’s in a smell? Risks and Consequences of Inadequate Odorisation of Biomethane (2013). Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review 2, pp. 105-119 (with D. Tempelman).

Working papers:

User-Centered Innovation and Regulatory Framework: Energy Prosumers’ Market Access (2016). In EU Regulation, TILEC Discussion Paper No. 2016-015.

The Regulatory Consumer: Prosumer-driven Decentralized Energy Production Initiatives (2015). Amsterdam Center for Energy Working Paper Series 2015 – 01, Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance Working Paper Series 2015 – 03 (with K. Cseres).

Stinky Business: Are the differences in the odorization of natural gas across European countries hampering the progress towards EU-wide gas market? (2014). EDGaR Working Paper, The use of new energy resources: the role of law and the impact on networks.

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